Music Melody

Anticipated anthem
Beating bass drum
Clamouring cymbals
Chorus chime
Clarinet concert
Chanting choir
Dynamic debut
Eerie echo
Fiddlers flute
Fascinating fanfare
Humming harmonica
Harp in harmony
Improvised intervals
Music melody
Mouth movement
Nostalgic note
Oscillating octave
Play piano keys
Resounding rhythm
Resonating rhyme
Sounding symphony
Singing scales
Timing in tempo
Testing trio
Unity of unison
Vocalised voices
Whistling woodwind

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Mammals of the Earth

Early stages of nurture, nature commence
Embracing their vulnerability
The warmth of parental care
Expansion and development
Protection from within
Safety of the uterus, comfort living
Nutritional supply through the umbilical cord
Where life has begun
There are herbivores ready to run
Gestures of giraffes
Leaping deer
We can but revere
Kangaroo offspring, resting pouch
The young will latch
Preparation for a time beyond
Bonding baboons, close knit group
Enveloped in parental care
Weaned through time, skills combine
Destined to change made to adapt
Camouflaged cheetah cubs
Lion’s thick mane
No longer the same
Daring displays of dominant males
Attainment of adulthood, meet lioness
Echoes of elephants, trumpeting trunks
Whistling whales, swim in song
Advancement in accord, accrued stage
Ripened age

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Due Season

Vertebrates with feathers and tails
Reptiles with their shiny scales
Birds of which that range in size
Returning cycles that comprise

Solid seal, protective shell
Danger near, seek to repel
Contained therein with varied roles
Porous eggs of tiny holes

Nest of twigs, eggs to hide
Incubate the birds inside
Predators across the land
Hiding place beneath the sand

Born to hunt, equipped with age
Acquired mate, there to engage
Age’s grand of which to reach
Return journey to their beach

Storks upon the solid sticks
Within the nest of feeding chicks
Frozen wasteland of no nest
Penguin pouches, eggs to rest

Giant fans attract a mate
Tail feathers, peacocks shake
Birds of tropics, colours bright
Such a ray of sheer delight

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Beneath the Sea

Through the journey, life arrives
Underwater – start their lives
Stable neither hot nor cold
Soft tiny eggs there to behold

Of such a time, lay vulnerable
For many eggs is tactical
Protection of the animal
Camouflaged with gravel

Frogs and toad, amphibian class
Eggs that float in jelly mass
From tadpole to a metamorph
The stages of which to transform

The brooding pouch of the seahorse
Protection from an outside force
Hatch of species, tiny fry
Plankton their to multiply

Yolk sac feed, young fish growing
Strengthened muscles for swimming
Insect eggs and prawn relish
Hunting groups for bigger fish

Gliding through in forward motion
Darker depths of the ocean
Water wonders plentiful
Such vertebrates are wonderful

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Maxi Hayles

With campaigns established 
Accolades accomplished 
An honourable life, taken to the max 
Championed feats, of no small measure 
A nation can treasure 
Matters addressed with proficiency 
The shaping of an era " equality 
Realization of rights, project legacy 
Impacting a wider community 
Raise the bar, unsettled below 
Challenging the status quo 
Battles fought 
With justice sought 
Of leadership, seeking to serve 
When forces merge 
Mark the campaign 
The present cannot remain the same 

Confinement release 
Establishing peace 
Break the borders 
Let indifference cease 
A fight for freedom, oh justice prevail 
Of strategic systems " show society 
With due propriety 
Of political accountability 
The epitome of civility 
Accrued insight 
Of human rights 
To lobby, to lead 
With fairness proceed 
Catalyst creation, positive change 
Expansion of range 

The Enchanted Door

Peering through the enchanted door, tell me what you see
A garden filled with charming buds, thyme and rosemary

Peering through the enchanted door, tell me what you hear
Bumble bees humbly, buzzing endless cheer

Peering through the enchanted door, tell me what you feel
A soft and velvet texture, light and so surreal

Walking through the enchanted door, tell me what you hear
A clamouring of tambourines is sounding very near

Walking through the enchanted door, tell me what you see
A fairy land of mysteries, staring back at me

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©

Fortress on High

Fortress on high, stands fortified
Tower of the valley and countryside
Bow and arrow, sovereign sword
Comfort chamber, homely lord

Magnificent halls of grand prestige
Throughout the ages castles besieged
Guard protection, tall high tower
Stronghold defence of such great power

Order of the king, show loyalty
Rebellion against the royalty
Blacksmiths, merchants, products sold
Working life for adult role

Wealthy lords and active knights
Poor pheasants of lesser rights
Assembling of the scaffolding
Labours loading, strong building

Distant castle stands remote
A gatehouse, keep, chapel, moat
Conquered lands, mass invasion
Rebuilt towns of restoration

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©